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Where would be without our amazing volunteers?! 
Fun fact: Almost 100 years ago, Planned Parenthood began as an all-volunteer organization. We’re so grateful for the compassionate and generous people who support and protect the vital services our health centers provide every day. We are constantly impressed by their dedication, passion, and energy. Thank you, volunteers, for helping to make our work possible.

Little Sheep by galzoltan_hu

Purple Fluorite Cubes, Mapimi, Durango (by cobalt123)
Purple Fluorite Cubes, Mapimi, Durango - Cobalt blue cubes of fluorite crystals, purple that tends towards blue, from Mina Ojuela in Mapimi, Durango. Shot through the glass display case, the central crystal measures about 3/8” square.

Ominous Storm, The Bermuda Triangle

"An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you."

- Goi Nasu  (via chryza)

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One from today at @sacredelectrictattoo #handpoked #graceneutral #unalome

Sunset in Sorrento | Italy (by Martin Zalba)


NYPD’s #myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires spectacularly

Well, that escalated quickly.

What was intended as a feel-good PR campaign morphed into something else entirely when the NYPD called on Twitter users to post photos of themselves posing with their friendly local police officers.

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Memoirs of the Society of Sciences, Agriculture and Arts of Lille on Flickr.

Publication info Lille :Société (Royale) des sciences, de l’agriculture et des arts à Lille 1833-1860
BHL Collections:
Natural History Museum Library, London

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Dita Von Teese

Cuteness Overload!!

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